Image Metadata Update Application


Keep your Images ready for internet search engines by updating the image metadata to include copyright, usage rights, and creator information.  This MacOS app will allow you to set the relevant metadata, allowing search engines to display your image metadata in the search results.

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This MacOS droplet will process files dragged onto its icon.  It will recursively process folders or individual files.  Running the app will allow setting the various options:

    • – Select the IPTC Metadata file used to update the images (json format)
    • – Restore the original image from the _original archive copy
    • – Delete the _original archive copy
    • – Process files with specified extensions.  The file extension list includes: {“jpg”, “jpeg”, “tif”, “tiff”, “png”, “psd”, “bmp”, “gif”, “dng”}

Purchase this product to receive the download link. 

  • Open the downloaded disk image. “Metadata Updates.dmg”
    • Copy the “IPTC Metadata Image” to your desktop. 
  • The included document and example files show the json file format.  
  • Run the app to set the location of the json metadata file and other options. 
  • Drag and drop a folder or file onto the icon of the app to update the image files with the new metadata.

This app requires an installed exiftool program

The image metadata can be verified using