Thunder Mountain Rain Storm

Southwest Imagery Exhibition

Sautter.Photography presents Southwest Imagery by Artist and V.I.Photographer Henry Sautter.  This exhibition depicts the diverse nature of life in the Southwest. You will find images from high deserts contrasted with the ocean vistas of the Pacific Coast.  Mountain views include unique images of snow in the desert!

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  • The Tucson landscape offers images of the Sonoran Desert. Saguaro cactus set against the Tucson sunsets and snow on the Catalina Mountains. All portraying some of unique diversity of the Tucson area.
  • The Red Rocks of Sedona AZ are a popular location.  You will see uniquely shaped mountain formations with a backdrop of monsoon clouds.  Storm clouds result in beautiful sunset colors that highlight the mountain views.
  • Discover Joshua Tree National Park in the high desert. You will find an amazing and diverse set of images including a view of past life in the area at Keys Ranch.
  • The Pacific Coast gives a counter point to the desert with colorful sunsets and relaxation on the beach.

Southwest Imagery - Fine Art Gallery

  • Racing Sandpipers
  • Golden Sunset
  • Willys Jeep
  • Western Willet
  • Saguaro Snowcap
  • Wave Motion
  • Oceanside Pier Sunset
  • Honey Bee Canyon
  • Chimney Rock Smoke
  • Cactus Snow
  • Studebaker Champion
  • Rocks and Sand
  • MACK Truck
  • Sunset Surfing
  • Palm Tree Sunset
  • Hedgehog Cactus Flower
  • Balloon Colors
  • Pacific Sunset
  • Hudson Terraplane
  • Golden Surf
  • Mountain Waves
  • Evening Sunstar
  • Thunder Mountain Rainbow
  • Dodge, Plymouth, Studebaker
  • Beautiful Rockcress
  • Wave Crest
  • Joshua Tree Sunset
  • Desert Rock Garden